With this Day!

As this day begins …

… let us remember that the world we are living in is a spiritual place. We are living in the middle of forces of good and evil. We must put on the armor of God … Eph 6

… Our God has already won the war and a river of life is on the way … Eden will be restored and all sorrow will be wiped off and out of our lives! Let us rejoice and be glad! Our Lord reigns! Rev 22

… God has an enemy named satan and he is running all over the planet with one goal in his eyes … death. “The thief comes to kill!” That enemy has a plan for you and me. Jn 10:10

… God will finish the work He has started and He knows all things … Phil 1 and Psalm 139

… Jesus is coming back soon just as He promised! Rev 22:7

I’ll be praying today and eagerly waiting to see what this day brings us all … may we share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet. Our time here on earth is short!


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