The conference was amazing and at times it was like drinking from a firehose. One great speaker after another … incredible moments alone with God stacked up like a tower … conversations with likeminded friends that you never want to forget.

The pages of your notebook are full.

So, what do you do with all these notes, this new information, these experiences?

How do you transfer this treasure into the lives of parents, the team you lead, and the students you’ll see at your next gathering?

It’s going to take effort and strategy to move to a new place and transform to a new level in your ministry. So let me give you a few pointers.


1. Summarize your notes ::

There’s no doubt that you probably took some notes, scribbled down a new thought, and most likely tried hard to take what your ears were processing and put it down on paper.

Information like this is rare and way too valuable to let slip away … so here’s how you can keep that from happening.

First … Take two hours, gather all your notes and put them in one place. Create categories … draw … paint your notes … take a picture of your notes. Do whatever you have do to save them in a way so they can keep on speaking.

A couple creative ideas would be to take your notes app on your iPad and digitize everything. The act of entering this information in a new place will cause this incredible data to not only be stored on your computer, but it will drive the concepts a little deeper in your brain.

You could also take the time to send yourself a series of daily emails containing your notes over the next seven days. Take a few minutes and schedule the emails so they land at a particular time each day. Don’t write them daily … write them all at one time and schedule them to deliver periodically.

The notes you took can and should be a spring for you to drink from for years to come.


2. Build a working list of pieces of the conference you want to hold onto.

Here’s a short bullet point list of simple things you can use to get started.

  • What resource ministries do you think can help you?
  • Write a short paper on what made the conference a great conference.
  • What creative things did you see that are easily transferable to your ministry?
  • What relationships would you like to build?
  • What books do you want to add to to your reading list?
  • What website do you need to bookmark?


3. Share what you’re learning with someone who couldn’t attend.

There’s nothing more exciting than sharing your conference experience with a friend. Schedule a lunch or a meeting long enough for you to unpack what you learned with them. Help them see what you see. Let them ask questions. Brainstorm.

Maybe something will surface that could ignite a movement in your city!


Finally, conferences have shaped lives and generated motion that has truly impacted entire generations …

Here’s to hoping it can happen again with you!


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