The Justin Cofield Band


The Justin Cofield Band, known for their energetic sound and style, is intentional about being a catalyst for life change through music. The foursome believes its purpose is not entirely to lead people to worship, but to create an atmosphere where believers and nonbelievers can connect with something greater than themselves. Their combination of heart-felt lyrics, solid melodies, and ear-catching guitar riffs has become the signature for their music, and has allowed them to communicate a “realness” in what they sing and in what they live. “We believe that worship is something that should permeate your entire life,” says frontman Justin Cofield. The JCB’s desire is to be God-glorifying, not only in their music, but also in the way that they live.

“The beginning” for the JCB took place in West Texas as a worship band leading a collegiate Bible study. As friends and fellow musicians, the band began to form under the direction of lead singer Justin Cofield. “We all came together at different times and in different places,” says Cofield, “but we definitely had music as a common thread among us”. As the band began to develop its unique style of worship and rock, its fan-base also began to grow. Soon the band was traveling, not just in West Texas, but all over the Lone Star state and the nation. The band is now rooted in Austin, TX. The JCB released their latest collaborative effort in April of 2008 entitled¬†The Days Of Love.

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