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Mission trips are incredible opportunities to both be used of God in ways we never thought we could, and for us to see God in ways that we have never seen Him before.

But…it’s about more than going on a mission trip. It’s about Living the Mission. The mission trip is first and foremost connected with God’s mission to glorify Himself, and reconcile mankind to Himself. The mission trip simply serves as a catalyst in two ways:

  • To serve pastors and churches in a specific region of the world as they live the mission and make disciples via planting church-planting-churches.
  • To engage students and churches from the U.S. in the mission of helping plant a church in another part of the world, and to train them to be ‘missional leaders’ when they return home.

To Live the Mission means relentlessly declaring God’s glory each day to a lost and hurting world. God has selected you to advance His kingdom—not because He has to, but because He wants to give you a role in shining his light into the darkest corners of the globe.

At NEXT, we’ve brought together church planting missions and student leadership training into one life-changing experience that will give you the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to radically transform how you live your life.

So instead of asking ‘if’ you’re to go, the real question is ‘where’. Join us in helping establish new churches all over the globe as you discover how to Live the Mission God has for you!

What is the mission and strategy of NEXT Worldwide?

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