Live a Jesus Centered Life

Your students may know a lot about Jesus, but do they truly know him?

Today’s teenagers are starving for “more of Jesus”—not just more information, but a deeper, richer, truer encounter of him. LIVE Jesus-Centered Life unlocks the door to deeper conversations and explorations that satisfy this hunger, with each lesson offering a snapshot of Jesus that will help students know him better and follow him more sincerely.

Participants will spend six weeks exploring the answer to a pivotal question that Jesus asked his disciples in Luke 9:22—“Who do you say I am?” Even if students have read this passage of Scripture before, maybe they haven’t paid much attention to the way they would answer Jesus’ question.

Without personally considering this question, we can miss who Jesus really is. It’s best to start over again and invite Jesus to reintroduce himself. But instead of just seeking answers with their heads, participants will engage their hearts through experiential elements and honest dialogue.

As your teenagers draw near to Jesus, the magnetic field that surrounds him will pull them in, closer and closer—until their lives literally orbit around him in the passionate pursuit of a Jesus-centered life.



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