Waves of Mercy

I’m amazed again today at the life Jesus lived on earth, how he responded to people, the way he felt about money, and His amazing transforming power.

Mark 5 paints this incredible picture.

There was a man locked in a graveyard. Tormented day and night. Rejected by society. Alone. Hurting.

Then Jesus rolled in like an all consuming wave.

Jesus confronts the man’s torment and brings him life.

Before Jesus, the man was literally walking among the dead and without hope. He spent his days looking beyond the walls of his torment and without a doubt, wanting a better life.

After Jesus, we see this same man sitting down (a place of rest), dressed (earthly needs more than taken care of), and in his right mind (at peace with himself and his creator).

Truth like this jumps off the page to me because so many of us are just like the man before he met Jesus. We may not be walking in graves like what we picture with tombs and head stones, but our graveyard is still a place filled with spiritually dead people. Dead people in need of Jesus.

Our solution is to run to Jesus and fall at his feet just like our friend in Mark chapter 5.

I believe, and can speak from experience, that the freedom we all seek is only found in Jesus.

And there’s one more thing … Jesus made a massive statement about earthly possessions by casting demons into a herd of pigs and sending them off to their death.

These pigs represented many things, but maybe the greatest was their monetary value to the people who owned them.

I believe Jesus wanted them to know that He is the true source of life and peace … I believe he wants us to know the same thing today.

Jesus is all and has all we need for life today … We don’t need more stuff on earth to find our peace and our healing … What we need is to rest at his feet and let his consuming wave of mercy roll over us like only it can.


Thank you Jesus for Scripture! For in it we find life that is truly life!



Have an awesome day!


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