Eyes of the Beholder

by Logan McElroy

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

False.  It isn’t.  Can we please throw this out the window?  When you first hear this, it sounds like a good thing.  Meaning beauty is subjective.  To one person beauty may be different than it is to another. But is it really?  Do we truly believe that?  Sure doesn’t seem like it.

Last night, Victoria’s Secret put on a fashion show for the entire world to see (Insert a Victoria and her secret [or lack thereof] joke here).   And twitter blew up.  The Internet probably did too.  I didn’t see it.  And not to say I turned my back or refused to watch, I simply had plans.  Honestly, if I had been home and been without plans, I probably would have tuned in at least for a little bit.  What bothered me the most though, were just all the comments and thoughts on twitter.



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