10 Innovative Gadgets for a Better 2014

Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV

There are many peaceful purposes for unmanned aerial drones, and this technology is finally trickling down to civilian applications.  One noteworthy new product is the Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV, a fixed-wing aerial drone capable of flight to 300 feet for up to 5 minutes at a time.  It’s ideal for mapping, exploring, photography and videography, and it carries a GoPro payload for high definition recording.  It’s pricey, starting at $1300 without a GoPro, but it carries with it a lot of promise for peaceful applications.  Interested in this kind of thing?  Check out our exploration of 7 high tech drones for sale today. – See more at: http://www.thecoolist.com/tech-of-tomorrow-10-innovative-gadgets-for-a-better-2014/#sthash.oh3kKeCt.dpuf

Apple Mac Pro

Is the new Apple Mac Pro innovative?  It represents a significant effort in design and technology in Apple’s post-Jobs era, and its significance thus far is a success.  It was Mac’s early desktop computers that built its association with creatives like music producers, photographers, graphic designers and film editors.  While the brand grew exponentially on its consumer products division, this stunning new “obelisk” of a desktop computer suggests a return to its roots.  It is powerful, featuring up to 12 cores of Intel Xeon E5 processors, plus dual GPU systems and all the flash storage one could desire.  For creatives, like the film producers that have relied on Mac in the past, it is built to handle 4k video without a single stutter, one of the most demanding creative tasks one could force onto a computer today.  Upon its arrival, this might be the greatest step forward in desktop computing in some time.  Long live the Mac Pro. – See more at: http://www.thecoolist.com/tech-of-tomorrow-10-innovative-gadgets-for-a-better-2014/#sthash.oh3kKeCt.dpuf

Titan Arm Exoskeleton

One of the most coveted honors an inventor or product designer could hope for is the James Dyson award, an achievement given to one revolutionary design each year.  The 2013 winner is the Titan Arm Exoskeleton, a bionic arm of sorts that provides a lift-and-motion assist to those recovering from injury or stroke.  It’s not only powerful and promising, it’s affordable.  Compared to other prosthetics, the Titan Arm Exoskeleton can be delivered for under $2,000, which could be brought down much further with government and insurance subsidies.  It is the prototype of four students at the University of Pennsylvania, a group who is likely to achieve plenty post-graduation. – See more at: http://www.thecoolist.com/tech-of-tomorrow-10-innovative-gadgets-for-a-better-2014/#sthash.oh3kKeCt.dpuf

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