We launched a little website last week designed to help students after they get home from Youth Camp. Our goal was simple, provide a tool students can use to get to know Jesus after they finish camp.

The site has been live for 7 days and we’ve had 229 users and the average user spends a little over 3 minutes on the site! We even had our first international user today! Someone in Romania!

I’m posting about it here so that those of you who pray will add it to your prayer list … I’m also hoping to see it spread and that some of you will share the website with your friends.

The site is free and available to anyone. Our current topic is Identity in Christ! … We’re working hard to help people know who they are in Jesus … Chosen, Loved, Accepted, Child of God and many other labels. There will eventually be 21 devotionals on the site!

Praise the Lord for letting us be a part of something that points people to Jesus and can spread to the whole world! Glory to God!!!!!!

If you want to help pass it along to others or use it for yourself the web address is

I haven’t been this excited about something like this in a long time! Thanks for reading about it!

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