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New Song by David Crowder!

We’re so pumped about what David Crowder is doing and has recently done with his amazing gift!
“This song has brought so much encouragement + life to me in the midst of huge challenge. Thank you @crowdermusic.” Shelly Giglio

FREE MUSIC from Chris Coleman

The Chris Coleman band is giving their latest project away today through Wednesday … email and get a copy for your students!

Chris Coleman Band

A worship band out of Atlanta, GA.  For the past seven years they’ve been traveling all across the country leading worship for teenagers!  Their goal is to see students connect to their creator through one of our favorite things on this planet, music.  They would love to come lead worship for your church, event, or retreat!  Feel free to hit us up through our contact page.



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The Justin Cofield Band


The Justin Cofield Band, known for their energetic sound and style, is intentional about being a catalyst for life change through music. The foursome believes its purpose is not entirely to lead people to worship, but to create an atmosphere where believers and nonbelievers can connect with something greater than themselves. Their combination of heart-felt lyrics, solid melodies, and ear-catching guitar riffs has become the signature for their music, and has allowed them to communicate a “realness” in what they sing and in what they live. “We believe that worship is something that should permeate your entire life,” says frontman Justin Cofield. The JCB’s desire is to be God-glorifying, not only in their music, but also in the way that they live.

“The beginning” for the JCB took place in West Texas as a worship band leading a collegiate Bible study. As friends and fellow musicians, the band began to form under the direction of lead singer Justin Cofield. “We all came together at different times and in different places,” says Cofield, “but we definitely had music as a common thread among us”. As the band began to develop its unique style of worship and rock, its fan-base also began to grow. Soon the band was traveling, not just in West Texas, but all over the Lone Star state and the nation. The band is now rooted in Austin, TX. The JCB released their latest collaborative effort in April of 2008 entitled The Days Of Love.

Aaron Keyes

Aaron Keyes served as the worship pastor at Grace Fellowship Church (in Atlanta, GA) for the last ten years. Aaron’s heart is to restore the Word of God to the foundation of corporate worship, and to help lead the next generation of worship leaders (who lead songs) to become more biblically empowered worship pastors (who lead people). Aaron’s band travels internationally, leading worship & training worship leaders as the Lord gives opportunity, and Aaron works with Kingsway Music, from the United Kingdom.

Aaron and his wife, Megan, have four sons – Cooper, Judah, Nyle, and Linen. Aaron and Megan graduated from Furman University in Greenville, SC, where they were a part of planting City Church with Aaron’s parents, Steve and Becky.

In 2007, Aaron & Megan began their Worship School where, for several months out of the year, younger worship leaders would come to live in their home as part of an intensive worship discipleship course, involving daily teaching, mentoring, coaching, and community. The Keyes family have dedicated this year to slowing down, seeking the Lord, and being intensively trained in how to best make disciples. Aaron and Megan are currently waiting on the Lord to show them what’s next.

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Stan Johnson

Stan Johnson is an artist who currently lives in Atlanta, GA. He expresses his art through his music, while leading worship; serving as a doorholder at Passion City Church, and creating leadership experiences with Catalyst Conferences. His heart towards life and leading is that every person would encounter the presence of Jesus in a way that draws them into closer step towards Him…regardless of their current position.


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Worship Leader Bonus :: Glorius Day Training Video

Checkout a cool little training video from The Village Church!

Chuck Hooten

Chuck and Emily Hooten met in Birmingham, Alabama while in college. Chuck (a senior) saw Emily (a freshmen) and the rest is history. They were married in 2003 and have since been given the most beautiful, emotional, and creative three little girls in the world – Lily, Ava, and Mae. Chuck is a graduate of Southeastern Bible College where he received a degree in Biblical Studies. He is a little over a third of the way done with his Masters of Divinity and hopes to complete that degree soon.

Chuck has been leading worship since he was sixteen and has been blessed with the opportunity to lead for churches, retreats, and conferences all over the world. He has released three solo albums and loves writing songs that the people of God can use to see and savor Jesus. Before coming to Shoreline Church in Knoxville, TN, Chuck served on staff at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff’s love for music began at a very young age.  He recalls standing around the piano at his grandparents’ house in West Texas, singing old hymns and country songs.  He had a deep love for country music and dreamed of being a country star one day.  During college, those goals shifted.  His junior year at Texas Tech, Jeff had a life-changing experience with the Lord at a Passion conference.  After that, he began helping lead worship at his local church and college ministry.  Upon graduating college, he moved to Dallas to begin a corporate career and quickly became involved in a local church plant where he was able to help lead worship on the weekends.  Jeff quickly began to feel a strong sense of calling to pursue worship ministry full-time, so in faith, he stepped away from his corporate job.  The Lord began opening doors and providing opportunities immediately, and has been faithful to do so ever since.  In the Fall of 2010, Jeff married Jourdan Burks, also a worship leader.  Currently, Jeff and Jourdan have the privilege of leading worship together, traveling the country with their band, to various conferences, retreats and camps.  They can be found on the campuses of Baylor University (Vertical) and Texas A&M (Breakaway) every week, leading thousands of students in worship and sharing the hope of the Gospel.  Jeff is passionate about writing songs for the church and counts it a great honor to get to spend his life engaging and loving people and pointing them to Jesus.

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Awesome song you can use this week!

Pretty incredible … something we all need.

Volunteer Training at its finest!

Check out our friends over at

They’ve got everything you need to see incredible, revolutionary, and world changing ideas for you and your volunteers!

Chris Coleman Band


We are a worship band out of Atlanta, GA.  For the past seven years we’ve been traveling all across the country leading worship for teenagers!  Our goal is to see students connect to their creator through one of our favorite things on this planet, music.  We would love to come lead worship for your church, event, or retreat!  Feel free to hit us up through our contact page.

Dave Hassle Band

I had the incredible privilege of speaking with Dave last year at a DNOW weekend … he and his band were awesome!

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Speechless - Nick Thurmond - Unrelenting Love (2013) from Nick Thurmond on Vimeo.

Nick Thurmond

We absolutely LOVE Nick! His passion for God is undeniable!

He would be awesome for any youth event in the whole world 🙂

Seriously check him … you won’t regret it! CLICK HERE and get ready!