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Instant Classic

How animals eat their food.

Crimson Cord

25 Ways to stay Creative!

Found this little video today! Pretty awesome creative tool!


Too many times we get stuck. We end up standing still when God is calling us to walk. To walk after Him. To let Him take us down roads that we never even dreamed were possibilities. To go places and do things that will truly shake walls and shift foundations. … I believe He wants us to walk hard after Him … to walk in faith after Him.

I’ve been listening to this song for weeks now … I believe the words are anointed by God and that they encompass the call He is issuing for us to walk. To walk by faith and not by sight.

The cry of my heart is for those of us who love God and love teenagers to step out on faith and be obedient to follow Him into the waters of faith. He’s waiting. He’s already there. His arms are strong. He will never let us go.


Cohabitation – a must watch video for every youth worker

Facts ::

People who cohabitate have more affairs

50% higher rate of divorce

More physically abusive than others

if you get married without living together you have a more fulfilled marriage


“Just doing what seems to right to man causes everything you want in life to go down.” Todd Wagner

Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante

Pretty amazing video … every youth worker should check it out!

Just as we sit here now there are countless people around the world trapped and living in despair.

Please take a few minutes and share this video.

Awesome video from Jeff Henderson

Incredible advice for all of us from Jeff Henderson.

Jeff has been one of our influencers for a really long time. We love what he is doing with his new YouTube channel. You can CLICK HERE and subscribe.


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Skit Guys – The Skinny on Resolutions


Check  all things Skit Guys HERE


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Amazing Abby – A Legacy of Hope

Hope, faith and unshakeable courage in the face of terminal cancer.
See Part One: Terminal Cancer Wasn’t In My Plans:
[Filmed November 2013. Music by XPURM]
If you’d like to donate to the Abigail Smith Fund for missionaries and cancer patients click here (Paypal):
Closed captions are available here:

Lucky People

I Am Second – The Robertsons


Love God … Love each other … We’ll be Happy Happy Happy

Worship Leader Bonus :: Glorius Day Training Video

Checkout a cool little training video from The Village Church!

Trip Lee

Good words from Phil!

“The strength of our nation will not rest on the power of government. — The strength of our nation will depend on our ability to govern ourselves, control ourselves and to sustain ourselves based on the 10 Commandments of God.” James Madison

“I notice that when children don’t obey their parents they take them down to the courthouse!” Phil